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Evidence of One Governement in the USA

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US politics has been a theatre since Eisenhower. This assertion has been already proved with facts and statements by several authors (like John Colleman, Daniel Stulin, etc). However, it continues being a mostly unknown issue for the general audience.  In the last months we have seen how the finantial crisis has benefited economic and politically to a few men which are usually referred as the Banking Elite and their partners (politics, leaders of large international industrial corporations, etc).  This Banking Elite and their collaborators are concentrated around a network of front institutions as The  Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Trilateral Commision, the different Rockefeller Foundations, The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank (WB), etc. These banking dinasties have european origin and jew roots and have supported the ideology and actions of zionism (it must be said that zionism is not supported by all jews and, of course, by Torah). The politics of these institutions is debated in the international scene during the annual meetings of the Bilderberg Group 

    This Elite representative of all the occidental nations , run on his own interests not only the resources of the US government, they also extend his influence to the European Union, Japan and other important countries. The Bilderberg Club is a selection of around 150 representatives of this Elite who use to meet together once a year (its name is given by the name of the Hotel where the first meeting happened in 1954 in the city of Oosterbeckl, The Netherlands). Its nucleus is formed by a group of around 70 persons which use to attend every year. Most of them belong to the US brother Front organization called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): a group formed by politicians, journalists and business men which is funded by the international bankers previously described and which spreads their ideas and visions for the US and the world.  These families of bankers and its collaborators took control of masonry during the 18th and 19th centuries through the Illuminati movement which was created by Adam Weishaupt (professor of university with jesuit formation) on 1st May 1776 in Ingolstadst (Bavaria). It has been pointed that the Rothschilds funded this movement with the long term purposes of establishing a New World Order which will benefit their business interests. The New World Order will imply the existence of an only world government controlled by this Elite. You can find this to be the argument of a Bond film, but they have slowly developed its plans during the last two centuries for which they have created and funded wars around the world with the goal of establish a one world concience in our minds. The Rothschilds have funded most of these wars during the last two centuries in order to increase its economic welth and politic power (i. e., it is a well known fact that they funded both parts, the brithish and french, during the Napoleonic Wars). It has been pointed that they created comunism (it is based on the ideas of  Weishaupt) by funding Carl Marx to write the comunism manifesto and Stalin for its implantation through the Soviet Revolution. In that way they promoted the fall of Zars taking one of the biggest treasures in the world and tested this socialist system ‘in vivo’ (which is pretended to be implanted by the future One World Governement) in a row.

Nowadays their central headquarters are placed in New York City (USA). Why? During the fundation of the USA, 50 of the 52 funding senators were masons (as it was said this movement is largely controlled by the  illuminati). They largely control the principal banking corporations in the USA including the Federal Reserve Banking which is owned and created by them (that is why the illuminati simbolism appears in the one dollar note). They largely control both political parties, Republican and Democrats, through CFR members included in top government and CIA positions. That is why many collaborators of Republican presidents have remained in Democrat administrations. Since Eisenhower all the american presidents have belonged to CFR or governed in administrations packed with CFR members (most of which are also members of the Bilderberg Club, its most international version). Although politicians (Bush father and son, Blair, Durão Barroso, Allan Greenspan, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, John McCain, Bill Clinton, Henry kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Jean-Claude Trichet, Colin Powell, Romano Prodi, José Sócrates, etc), important businessmen (as Melinda and Bill Gates, MICROSOFT; Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli, FIAT; Henry Ford III, FORD; Henry J. Heinz II, HEINZ CO; etc) and mass media owners (Conrad Black; Edgar Bronfman; Sumner Redstone,  VIACOM; Rupert Murdoch; David Rockefeller, etc) are the brightest names when reading the lists of Bilderberg members, revealed by a few amount of brave men around the world, its most important members are a group of international zionist (that is why the american foreing politics is as close to Israel) política exterior americana a Israel) bankers that remain in the shadows.  The Rothschild family (welth estimated between 300 y 400 billion dollars), the Rockefeller family (welth estimatedbetween 20-40 billon dollars), the Morgans (unkown data). Different finantial crises, with similar characteristics to the one started at the end of 2008, happened during the 20th century with the intention of achieving different politic and/or economical goals. For instance, the crash of 1907 (which is believed to be inforced by Morgan and its alleys) allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking (FED) in 1913. This institution acts as a central bank in the states. The families of bankers previously described own a network of banks and finantial companies that control the FED, the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations (UN; future world government which creation was performed after two World Wars being supported by the Rockefellers), the World Free Trade Organization (WFTO).



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